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Customs regulations

For import in Canada

Please note that the presence of the customer is obligatory for custom clearance.

Landed immigrants:
Landed immigrants can import tax-free any items that were in their possession for at least 6 months prior to arriving to Canada.
Temporary workers:
The rules are the same as those for landed immigrants; however, Canada customs may request a deposit (refundable upon re-export or becoming a landed immigrant).
Returning Canadian citizens:
Canadian citizens may bring back all possession duty-free which may have been acquired abroad as long as they were purchased at least 6 months prior to arrival and the customer has been living at least 1 year abroad. A maximum of 10,000.00$ is permitted per item (e.g. car). All liquor is taxable. A detailed valued inventory list is required in English or in French as well as proof of absence of any immigration papers.
Import of vehicles:
A vehicle can be imported in Canada if:
  • It conforms to North American standards.
  • It is over 15 years old.
Import of wine:
All wine importation is taxed. Two taxes are to be paid: the SAQ tax (Quebec), based on the number of liters, and the Canada customs tax, based on quantity and value. A detailed list is needed specifying quantities, name, year and value of bottles.

Documents required

Very important:
When customer arrives at airport, he has to declare that he has a shipment following him. The document obtained at the airport is very important for customs clearance.

Download this document Canada customs pdf file.

For more information, consult Settlers' Effects document from Canada Border Services Agency.

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