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Your personal checklist

Before moving day

Arrange to have the following services disconnected:

Arrange to transfer the following records and notify change of address:

Arrange to take currency, jewelry, the contents of your safety deposit box and all other valuable personal possessions along with you.

Check with the local Consular Office of the country to which you are immigrating or moving with regard to special regulations, vaccination and other health requirements.

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Moving day

While your goods are being packed in your residence, ask our packers to place first needs such as face cloths, change of clothes, cutlery etc. in separate, well-marked cartons.

Our employees are well trained in dealing with children. However, a small toy or a book usually prevents your constant supervision of them.

Light, easily prepared meals are recommended on moving day.

Moving day is sometimes confusing for your family, however you will find that a calm, systematic approach together with the assistance of our people will usually avoid frayed nerves.

Please ensure that all luggage and travel documents needed for travelling are isolated in order to avoid being included with your household goods.

The driver of our vehicle is responsible for the supervision of your removal. If you have any suggestions, or observations, please direct these to him.

You will be asked to sign a physical inventory of your goods as a receipt, one copy of which will be left with you. Please read this carefully and please do not hesitate to request clarification on any point from our driver.

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When you arrive overseas

Please contact our Office/Agent at destination and advise him of your new address or temporary location in order for him to keep you informed as to the current status of your shipment.

Ask your Destination Agent for advance information on customs clearance, so that when your goods arrive, all papers and formalities are in order.

Your Destination Agent will gladly assist you in any way possible to establish contact with necessary services in your new city and will endeavor to make your family as comfortable as possible during these first days.

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When you take delivery

Our Destination Office/Agent will assist you in clearing your goods through customs.

They will deliver your effects into the new residence.

They will unpack and set-up your household goods and furniture in your new residence.

They will remove all containers and packing materials when the job has been completed.

When your shipment arrives, please check each item as it is brought into your residence against your copy of the inventory. If something is missing or damaged, be sure that the driver notes these comments on the inventory list. After the unloading has been completed you will be asked to sign the inventory list. Your signature certifies that all your goods arrived in the same condition they were loaded with the exception of any notations as described above.

Should it become impractical to unpack all of your effects on the first call owing to lack of space, for example, contact the Destination Agent, who will make the necessary arrangements for the satisfactory completion of your move. There may be an additional fee.

Should there be any basis for claim, it is necessary to submit a Statement of Claim obtainable from your Destination Agent. No action can be taken until such time as this form is completed and the quicker you file the claim the quicker the settlement can be made.

Download this document International moving checklist pdf file.

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