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No complaints in June 2022


No complaint have been filed against your company on June, 2022!

One of the possible reasons why there are no fresh complaints could be that your customers are absolutely delighted with your services!
That's very impressive! You've raised your standards, keep them up high!

Kind regards,


June 29th, 2022 Geoff

Very happy too that everything went finally terrific Geoff. We are here, if you know other people planning to move. We have service to anywhere around the globe.


Thank you again,



Evelyne- 27 Juin 2022 French

Bonjour Samira, Michele et Nina,

Je voulais avant mon départ vous remercier toutes les trois pour votre gentillesse et votre compréhension.  

Tout c'est bien passé et j'espère que la suite le sera aussi.

Je vous souhaite un bon été et vous envoie de bonnes pensées.



Daniella- June 20th, 2022

Hello Khalifa,

I would like to thank you very much for your support in my relocation.
The two guys today did a great job, very quick and professional.
You have been very helpful and your professionalism is highly appreciated. I am sure your boss knows what a valuable asset for the company you are.
I will recommended you to anyone would like to relocate.

I am waiting Hailey to get back to me regarding the inventory list so we can put everything in order for the custom clearance.

I would appreciate a lot if you let me know when the boxes will be ship!

Kindest regards,



Denis - May 10th, 2022

Hi Lisbeth,

the container delivery happened today as expected, the unloading went pretty well, no trouble at all, and the stock was complete.

A very big THANK YOU to your team, very good job!

- Denis

David Smith - August 8th 2022

Bonjour Michele,

I have collected my motorcycle from the UK agent and it arrived safely. Please thank your team for all the help you have given me for this shipment. Merci pour tout

- David Smith

Aurélie Goudal - August 1st 2022

Dear Nathalie,

Just a few words confirming that the Europack shipment arrived safely at my offices in Barbados today.
I reiterate my sincere gratitude in the timely fashion in which this was all accomplished and, of course, for your ever present professionalism and expertise in Customer Satisfaction. A #1 rating.
Hence, Until we shall do business again, 

With My Warmest Regards,

- Aurélie Goudal

Christian - February 24th 2022

Everything was perfect! An excellent service from A to Z! It's reassuring.

- Christian

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Why choose europack?

Why choose europack?

  • Canada's leader in international moving, shipping and exporting
  • All-risk Transit Protection: we take full responsibility for our services and their quality
  • The best rates in Canada
  • Network of agents around the world

Our international moving professionals are entirely dedicated to offering our clients the best services for individuals or companies who are looking to relocate towards or from Canada and who are in need of international moving services. Our top international moving planning systems allow us to respond to the needs of our clients when it comes to freight, car, container or overseas cargo shipping.

Moving with peace of mind.

As one of the leading overseas moving specialists in the world, Europack has the resources and the experience needed to ensure on-time, on-budget moves. Europack works only with the best moving companies in the world, leveraging our high business volume to obtain real cost savings for our clients.

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International move and expedition

Our international moving professionals are entirely dedicated to offering our clients the best services for individuals or companies who are looking to relocate towards or from Canada and who are in need of international moving services.

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Packing and crating

On the moving date, our packers will bring all the required packing materials to your residence. They will pack all cartons and wrap all items or furniture on site. Each carton can be identified by the signature of the respective packer.

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To meet the short or long-term storage needs of customers, Europack has developed the ideal storage system to ensure maximum security and protection with alarms and air-conditioning. You are welcome at any time to visit our storage facilities.

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Import and export services

Europack offers clients a wide variety of expert international import and export services in order to suit the needs of companies worldwide. Our team of logistics professionals can handle all your international exporting and importing needs.

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Transit Protection

We strongly recommend that you take out Transit Protection coverage to ensure that you are duly compensated for any loss which may occur.

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