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Packing and crating

Packing and crating

On the moving date, our packers will bring all the required packing materials to your residence. They will pack all cartons and wrap all items or furniture on site. Each carton can be identified by the signature of the respective packer. All of the personal effects will then be loaded into a container at the residence, or in lift vans and/or groupage container at our warehouse.

To reduce damage risk during the move, we use the best packing materials that have been designed for international moves. Furthermore, specific packaging will be used for each kind of goods. China, glass and items of delicate nature are individually wrapped and placed in protective, double wall cartons or special crates custom-built by our own carpenter. We use extra-thick boxes for some heavier goods such as books, hanging wardrobe boxes for clothes, special cartons for mattresses, bubble wrap for furniture, etc.

We use the best recyclable packing materials during your move. When packing, we use padded and specialized materials such as heavy-duty boxes, plastic covers, cartons, and also wrap your fragile items in shock absorbing, soft materials. We have an excellent team of packing and planning professionals. Our packing specialists are expertly trained, and you won’t have to worry about any of your belongings being handled by inexperienced movers. Our packing crew will make sure all of our materials are properly used and will also give you the best tips in order to make your moving experience as easy as possible. We have been moving and packing boxes for residential clients and companies for several years, so you can be sure to trust our highly specialized range of packing services.

Using the most specialized packing materials when planning your move

Once you have agreed on a time and date with our packing crew and once they have arrived to help you with your moving process, they will walk around the area with you in order to go over what needs to be packed, take note of fragile items that need one of our special packing services and make a packing list. This is all part of our complete moving planning process. Our packing crew will pack all of your possessions by using the best wrapping and packing techniques as well as specialized packing materials in order to minimize movement and damage during the moving process. We will prepare a packing list containing all items and important information regarding the move.

Moving boxes and packing materials to safeguard your belongings

We use heavily padded blankets and several other specialized packing materials in order to safeguard your items during the shipping and moving process.

Here is a list of some of our specialized packing materials:

Material Use
Boxes 2 cu. ft. small dimensions, heavy things (ex: books and disks).
Boxes 4 cu. ft. Average dimensions, soft things (ex: household items and decorative objects).
Boxes 5 cu. ft. Big dimensions, voluminous objects (ex tissue, covers and toys ).
Boxes 6 cu. ft. Very big dimensions, voluminous objects (ex: pillows and lampshade ).
Boxes, model wardrobe. Movable wardrobe
Boxes for porcelain High resistance (ex: dishes, vases and other fragile objects).
Boxes for Cristal Very high resistance (ex: chinese Cristal, glassware and collectible figurines).
Boxes for mirrors and the glass Adjustable telescopic format (all formats, glass or mirror).
6-ply kraft wax paper Furniture packing cover.


Our packing crew is extremely experienced, and by making a packing list they are making our company responsible for your items during the packing process. Our complete or partial packing services are offered as part of either an international or an overseas move. The cost of Europack's partial packing services includes the equipment and time necessary for the load. As for the cost of our complete packing service, it is at an hourly rate, plus the cost of the equipment used. Our company recommends that this step be completed at least 24 hours before your move.

We take the hassle out of the packing process of your international move so you are able to have an enjoyable moving experience.​

Packing tips and moving boxes– contact Europack for all of your packing needs!

Proper packing is very important to an efficient move. Our team of packing experts has the best know-how in order to make sure your belongings properly arrive at their destination. Packing tips can also be useful if you want to do your own packing, so we can supply you with some packing materials for your move.

Our packers will bring our specialized packing materials to your company or to your home. We only use the best packing materials for your international move to reduce the risk of damage during the moving process. We also use specific packing materials, boxes or cartons for specific items. We use special boxes for heavy items such as records and books, special cartons for china, mattresses and glass and hanging wardrobe boxes for your clothes.

Packing services for your freight, cargo and containers

Europack is a leader in shipping and packing to and from Montreal or almost any other major city in Quebec or Canada. Contact us if you are shipping a car, containers, cargo or any type of freight to and from the following countries, if you need any of our packing services or if you require packing tips:

  • UAE (United Arab Emirates)
  • The US (United States)
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • France
  • England
  • UK (United Kingdom)
  • Ireland
  • Switzerland
  • New Zealand
  • Sweden
  • Brazil
  • India Italy
  • Netherlands
  • ….or any other overseas country!

Packing for residential clients and companies everywhere in Canada

Our packing professionals can help you move in and around the following cities across Canada:

  • Vancouver, BC
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Quebec City, Quebec
  • Calgary, Alberta

Our packing, moving and shipping experts can help you during your next relocation across Canada, including:

  • Mississauga, Ontario
  • London, Ontario
  • Markham, Ontario
  • Oshawa, Ontario
  • Hamilton, Ontario
  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Richmond, BC
  • Halifax, NS
  • Cape Breton, NS Saskatoon, SK
  • Regina, SK


Compare our moving and packing rates…we are the best company in Canada for the amount of destinations and services offered!

Crating Services

For years people have valued our services because we value their prized possessions. With a wealth of experience in special handling, we can take the load off your shoulders and off your mind. So, for those critical custom crating needs put yourself in our hands. To get things moving call Europack today.

Europack has the experience to handle all types of shipments from art to pianos; from computer equipment and electronics to car engines. We also offer military specifications as well as on-site crating.

Europack offers local pick-up and delivery service all around the globe. We have special air chocks van equipment to ensure your valuables travel safely. We use only the highest quality materials and our experienced staff ensures the highest quality crating.

Utilizing crating services to package up your goods or products will save you time and money, and will give you peace of mind that the goods will arrive safely at destination.

Why use our crating services ?

  • Crating protects your products from the elements
  • Crating protects from pilferage
  • Crating protects your product during loading and unloading of containers on and off trailers
  • Crating protects your product from damage, so there is no long Transit Protection claim process
  • Crating enables delivery of product to your destination in good working order

Here are the types of crating services we can offer

  • Basic Wooden Crates with "peanut" filling
  • Foam-In-Place Packing
  • Barrier Packing With Desiccants
  • Static Proof Packing For Electronics
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Crating
  • Moisture Proof Crating - MVP - VCI - Etc.
  • Military Spec Crating